Sara Melnick

Instructor in Computer Science Laboratory

I'm a computer scientist interested in broadening participation in computing, as well as accessibility and inclusion more broadly. I also love to nerd out about math and linguistics.

I am interested in curricular development and pedagogy especially at the introductory level. I have taught computing (and STEM more generally) at both secondary and post-secondary levels with students from a variety of backgrounds, skill levels, and support needs. I am excited to learn from the work of others and build on it.

I especially enjoy teaching introductory courses as it gives me an opportunity to help students new to the field discover where their passions lie. My favorite part of teaching is sitting with a student and helping them work through a problem or topic that has been stumping them.

I am interested in historical linguistics and discrete math. I am actively involved in the SIGCSE community.

I enjoy knitting, math and logic puzzles, board games, and reading young adult literature (especially fantasy).