Sarah Barnes

Visiting Lecturer in Biological Sciences

Excited by interdisciplinary studies, course and curriculum design, teaching, and mentorship.

My expertise in immunology, neuroimmunology, gut-brain interactions, mucosal immunology, tumor immunology.

I enjoy interdisciplinary research, course & curriculum design, and teaching undergraduates in both the classroom and the lab.

My primary research interests focus on the interactions between the immune system and other body systems during health and disease with a particular emphasis on brain-gut-immune interactions. I entered the field of immunology as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, where I studied T cell signaling during tumor rejection. As a doctoral student at Stanford University, I investigated the role of neuroinflammation in seizure disorders. I completed postdoctoral training at Northeastern studying gene interactions in 16p11.2 deletion syndrome, a disease affecting multiple body systems.

I’m excited to teach across the biology curriculum. As a teacher and mentor, I strive to inspire students to reframe their education as a journey for personal and intellectual growth. I provide students with a framework for understanding broad concepts and help them develop the skills necessary to apply this knowledge to their own pursuits. I strive to create a supportive and empowering environment for students to explore their own interests and follow their own path of personal growth.

When I’m not on campus, you can find me hiking, backpacking, climbing, reading a book, making macarons, or cuddling with my cat.