Scott Anderson

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Professor Anderson's teaching interests include web application programming, including databases, web frameworks, and computer graphics. His research interests are similar, but also include artificial intelligence (particularly planning and natural language processing), simulation, system software and system administration.

His courses cover simulation, computer graphics, and web-interfaced databases.


  • B.S., Yale University
  • M.S., University of Massachusetts (Amherst)
  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts (Amherst)

Current and upcoming courses

  • This course introduces modern web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. JavaScript is explored in detail, including scoping, closures, objects, classes, object-oriented programming, and modules. The jQuery library is also introduced, and the course covers event handling and Ajax interactions. Students will build web pages that manage data structures using menus and forms, and that save/restore that data from local storage resulting in a persistent, dynamic web application. Designed web pages will be modern, responsive, and accessible. The course also covers Bootstrap and the jQuery UI (User Interface) library.