Tessa Spillane

PERA Professor of the Practice

Varsity crew coach and director of intramural rowing programs; instructor in sailing and canoeing.

I am the varsity crew coach.

I teach physical education courses in sailing and canoeing. I also direct the recreational programming in rowing—Dorm Crew in the fall and Class Crew in the spring.

I serve as the New England representative to the NCAA Rowing Committee. I am also on the board of directors for the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association.

As for my other interests, essentially, if it has to do with water, I love it. I also enjoy running, hiking, reading (particularly anything pertaining to 20th century history and/or politics), and walking on campus with my dog--who is also the rowing team mascot!


  • B.A., Mount Holyoke College
  • M.S., Smith College

Current and upcoming courses

  • Upon completion of the course, a student will be able to execute the fundamental steps of target shooting and attain an intermediate level of skill. Students will have the opportunity to test their archery skills and sights in a variety of archery games and contests, shooting from 15, 20, and 25 yards.
  • The practice of mindfulness is geared toward developing awareness in the present moment with intention, attention, curiosity, acceptance and kindness. This course focuses on developing mindfulness skills. Classes will consist of a combination of quiet sitting meditations with focus on the breath and body, body scans, positional yoga, and mindful movement/activities such as walking and will conclude with individual written reflections in a mindfulness journal to track progress and development. At the end of the course, students will be able to incorporate their own mindfulness practice into their daily lives.