Terianna Wax

Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory

Fosters an inclusive and enthusiastic learning environment in the introductory and physical chemistry labs

In graduate school, my research focus aimed at exploring energy transfer processes that impact hybrid systems comprised of nano-sized semiconductors called quantum dots with proteins and metallic nanoparticles. I utilized a myriad of spectroscopic techniques to conduct fundamental studies on these hetero-assemblies, such as time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy.

For my students, I find it critical to create a safe and fun working environment. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a dumb question. Since often, CHEM 105 and 205 are the first science courses our students are taking at Wellesley College, I find encouraging the students to ask questions and to feel comfortable in lab is critical to their success, not only in these introductory courses, but also to their perception of themselves as a scientist.

In addition, I am interested in creating new inquiry-based labs that bridge a connection between the arts and Chemistry and will enhance our students' liberal arts experience!

During my time in graduate school, I was actively involved in many outreach activities for high school and middle school students that sparked my interest in teaching. I hope to continue my involvement in such activities while at Wellesley.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy visiting the various museums in the Boston area and attending the ballet.