Nabokov door motto, Tower Court
Church of the Savior, St. Petersburg
The Bronze Horseman, Saint Petersburg
Zolotoj Plyos (Russian folk musicians), Spring 2017 Concert
Class of 2020 Seniors
Elementary Russian 101-102
Intermediate Russian 201-202
Russian 251 Passion, Pain, Perfection: 19th-Century Russian Classics
RUSS 276 Fedor Dostoevsky: Seer of Spirit
RUSS 333 Nineteenth-Century Narrative Poetry
RUSS 301 Advanced Russian: Moscow

Wellesley's Russian Department was founded in the 1940s by famed author and critic Vladimir Nabokov. Since that time, the Department has dedicated itself to excellence in literary scholarship and undergraduate teaching.

Russian is a small, congenial and adventurous department devoted to working closely with students and tailoring courses of study to their individual needs. At Wellesley, Russian is always taught in the broader context of Russian society, culture, visual art and music. Numerous activities both inside and outside the classroom are designed to enrich students' appreciation of the achievements and fascinating traditions of Russian civilization. Welcome to our website! We hope you enjoy what you find here.