Estimate Your Cost

Wellesley may be more affordable than you think. You can now (quickly and easily) estimate what your financial aid package might be. 

Nearly 60% of Wellesley students receive aid; our financial aid budget is more than $74 million; the average annual grant is nearly $52,000 and the average annual aid offer is more than $56,000. So, even though the full cost of $66,984 may sound daunting, it may be significantly less for your family. 

Explore these four ways to get a sense of what your actual financial aid package might be at Wellesley.

1. MyinTuition, Wellesley's Quick College Cost Estimator

MyinTuition, Wellesley's Quick College Cost Estimator, created by a Wellesley economics professor, asks only six simple financial questions. By providing family income, home value, and savings, the tool will tell you what you might expect to pay for your daughter's first year at Wellesley.

2. Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator offers a more detailed and personalized estimate of your parent and student contributions, as well as an estimated financial aid offer.  Please note, this calculator does not guarantee an offer. It is a tool for your family to use in the planning process.  To qualify for financial aid, you will need to complete a financial aid application.  For more information, visit Apply for Aid.

3. Wellesley Grant Aid by Parent Income

Wellesley grant aid to Class of 2017 U.S. students
Income % in Band  Average Grant Range of Grants
$0-$29,999 9% $53,778 $16,027-$57,842
$30,000-$59,999 20% $53,667 $16,741-$57,867
$60,000-$89,999 17% $43,719 $21,801-$51,371
$90,000-$119,000 18% $37,310 $4,271-$49,787
$120,000-$149,999 16% $25,099 $0-$44,209
$150,000 and above 20% $17,487 $0-$41,833

4. Sample Financial Aid Offers

See three sample financial aid offers that illustrate four different family situations. Please keep in mind that these are sample cases. Each student who applies for aid will be reviewed on an individual basis.