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With Pivot you can:
  • Receive possible funding opportunity matches, with minimal effort on your part, because Pivot searches for you automatically based on the information contained in your personal Pivot Profile.
  • Conduct targeted searches on special topics/projects by building your own custom searches. You can search by discipline, investigator type, by country and sign up for funding alerts.
  • Receive emails weekly as new funding opportunities matching your profile or saved targeted searches emerge.

Pivot is a subscription-based funding search service available to Wellesley College faculty and staff. 

Create a Pivot account here. (Most faculty already have an account. Your college email address is your userid. Contact Penny Miceli for a password reset).

1-page Quick Start Guide

Pivot Guide (8 Pages)

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Other Databases is the Federal goverment’s online search system for the 26 Federal Agencies that award grants. The funding opportunity database is accessible to the public. Each agency publishes Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) in You can search by keyword or customize your searches. 

Common Funding Sources

Federal Funding Sources

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Other Funding Sources


Limited Submision Programs Process

Many funding agencies and foundations have established limited submission policies and will only review a limited number of applications from each institution. Applications or nominations submitted without proper institutional endorsement, or submission of a number over the limit, may result in automatic rejection of all Wellesley proposals.

The process for limited submissions is led by the Assistant Provost and Director of Sponsored Research, in coordination with the Faculty Research and Awards Committee. The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) will establish a deadline for an internal review of applications/nominations for limited submission programs, as necessary. The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) will take part in the internal review process in coordination with the Faculty Research and Awards Committee, and the Provost will be consulted regarding the final decision of which applications to put forward on behalf of Wellesley College.

Every effort will be made to identify and list limited submission programs via the OSR website. In addition to the posted list, OSR may make occasional announcements regarding common limited submission programs of interest. The list maintained on the OSR website is not a comprehensive list, and it is the investigator's responsibility to contact OSR should the program in which they are interested be restricted, but is not on this list. The Assistant Provost in OSR will then determine if an internal competition is necessary and will assist the investigator in obtaining institutional endorsement.

For more information, please contact Liz Demski, Assistant Provost and Director of Sponsored Research, at (781) 283-2079.