At the center of social and personal life, education is the process of gaining knowledge about the world, society, culture, and people, including ourselves.

Welcome to the Wellesley College Department of Education. Teaching and learning are interconnected with a broad range of other fields. Our courses provide students with a realistic understanding of the interplay between educational policy, research, and history, and of the actual conditions present in schools and in young people’s lives. We invite students to try a single course (many different first courses are possible) and to consider one of the two minors we offer, the Teacher Education and Education Studies minor.

The two minors offer opportunities to explore teaching and education from the perspective of a classroom teacher or as a field of study. Students may choose to focus on urban education within either minor.

Why Study Education?

Social concern about education keeps growing. Students with a background in Educational Studies and Teacher Education have the ability to both understand the school-based dynamics of learning and teaching as well as the broader social, economic, and political forces that shape policy and practice in a variety of educational settings. Many students study education (even if only taking two or three courses) as a complement to a variety of majors or as a way to deepen their background for a variety of careers.