Senior Leadership

Wellesley’s senior leadership shares a common goal: providing the richest educational experience for women available in any undergraduate institution anywhere.

Paula JohnsonPaula Johnson, President of the College

"Women’s leadership is recognized today as transformative—in families, communities, and nations across the globe. Through the richness of the liberal arts, Wellesley provides young women with an exceptional educational experience and cultivates their ability and determination to make their difference in the world." Office of the President

Andrew ShennanAndrew Shennan, Provost and Dean of the College

"The mission and educational philosophy of Wellesley College are inextricably linked: to provide a vibrant, intellectually challenging education to women intent on serving their community and influencing their world." Office of the Provost and Dean of the College

Carol Bate, interim dean of studentsCarol Bate, Interim Dean of Students

“Wellesley is a leading liberal arts college whose engaged learning environment is built on and around the talents, energy, and dedication of our students. Everything we do—whether in the classroom, residential community, or co-curricular activities—is in support of our students’ learning, growth, and future success.” Office of the Dean of Students

Elizabeth Gildersleeve, Chief Communications Officer

"Our work celebrates Wellesley’s faculty, students, and alumnae, highlighting their ideas, achievements, and the College’s remarkable track record of producing women leaders in every arena." Communications & Public Affairs

Ben Hammond, Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer

"Wellesley’s mission of providing an excellent liberal arts education for women who will make a difference in the world is more vital than ever."  Finance and Administration

Kathryn LynchKathryn Lynch, Dean of Faculty Affairs

"One of the hallmarks of a Wellesley education is our versatile and talented faculty—deeply dedicated to their teaching and to their students’ learning, as well as to their research fields and the well being of broader college community." Office of the Provost and Dean of the College

Cameran MasonCameran Mason, Vice President of Resources and Public Affairs

"We are as focused on leadership as our students. Like our graduates, we want to be at the forefront in finding new solutions to old problems, integrating distinct and diverse viewpoints, and using creative and thoughtful approaches to all we do." Resources and Public Affairs

Joy St. JohnJoy St. John, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

"Wellesley looks for a distinct type of student: someone who has an intellectual curiosity about the world, who is interested in many points of view, and who seeks an education that will support her in making a difference in her world." Admission

Ann Velenchik, Dean of Academic Affairs

"The Wellesley curriculum is specifically designed to encourage students to step outside their comfort zone, explore new fields, and discover their passion." Office of the Provost and Dean of the College