Financial Aid & Costs

Student Financial Services works with each family
to make sure that every student admitted to Wellesley
can attend.

So far in 2013-2014, we have awarded more than $58.9 million in financial aid, and the average annual aid award is more than $42,000. We can also assist families with parent loans and payment plans, whether or not their daughter receives financial aid. We will help families figure out the best plan for them.

Wellesley Grant Aid to Class of 2017 U.S. Students, by Parent Income

Income % In Band Average Grant Range of Grants
$0-$29,999 9% $53,778 $16,027-$57,842
$30,000-$59,999 20% $53,667 $16,741-$57,867
$60,000-$89,999 17% $43,719 $21,801-$51,371
$90,000-$119,999 18% $37,310 $4,271-$49,787
$120,000-$149,999 16% $25,099 $0-$44,209
$150,000 and above 20% $17,487 $0-$41,833


  • 60 percent of our Class of 2017 students receive need-based financial aid. So far in 2013-2014, first-year students are receiving nearly $13.5 million in grant aid from Wellesley (grant aid totals nearly $53.5 million for all Wellesley students).     
  • Our average grant (not including outside scholarships) nearly $39,000.     
  • Wellesley’s student employment program helps students cover about $2,000 of their expenses. Students also gain valuable work experiences and references for future employment and admission to graduate programs.


Do you plan to work on campus? Find out more about required work documents.


Mornings: Saturday, Sept. 27; Monday, Oct. 13; Saturday, Nov. 15
Weekend: Sunday and Monday, Oct. 19-20.

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