Friends of Quantitative Analysis



Jack and Sandra Polk Guthman '65 Director

Cassandra Pattanayak

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Current Guthman Interns in Quantitative Analysis

Guthman Interns working with the QAI are involved in statistical consulting and independent research projects.


       Julia Chmyz '17                                        Kily Wong '16                                             Megan Chen '17


                                        Joanna Milton '16                                                    Annie Liu '15

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Research and Teaching Assistant

      Anne Corbett '16

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Student Assistant in Quantitative Analysis

      Lorna Wu '16

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Past Guthman Interns in Quantitative Analysis


    Sophie Sun '14                                         Diana Schron '14                                            Tess Kerwin '14  

                                                                                                                                  Research Assistant/Programmer


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QAI Certificate Recipients 

The goal of the QAI Summer Program is to introduce advanced statistical skills while supporting students in their current and future research projects. Students who attend class meetings regularly throughout the summer and satisfactorily complete all assignments will earn QAI Certificates.

2014 Recipients

Gul Ayhan '16 (Karakasidou)
Courtney Brown '15 (Cheek)
Kelsey Brown '15 (Bahns)
Sydney Butler '15 (Norem)
Megan Chen '17 (Mustafaraj)
Anne Corbett '16 (Rothschild)
Sarah Hitchner '15 (Robeson)
Misha Olynyk '16 (Mustafaraj)
Mariajose Rodriguez Pliego '16 (Butcher)
Hannah Ruebeck '16 (ShastryKeskin)
Evelyn Taylor-McGregor '16 (Joyce)
Kily Wong '16 (Metaxas)
Maile Wong '15 (Gleason)

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