Celebrating Pi Day!
Our lunch for the majors.
The math department's mathletes after the annual Math/Physics softball game.
Rebecca Scanlon ('15) and Abigail Raz ('14) present their results at the Science Center's summer research poster session.
Working hard at the Putnam Exam
Mathematical Origami at the Student Seminar
Faculty prep for graduation

Welcome to Math @ Wellesley.

Wellesley's Mathematics Department consists of 15 faculty members with a broad range of research interests in pure and applied mathematics.  For all our students, we offer personal attention in advising and in small classes. Our mathematics majors, which number 15-20 per academic year, benefit from a well-developed curriculum that is both rigorous and inclusive. They have been highly successful securing positions in research, finance and education. We currently have alumnae in mathematics graduate programs at Cornell, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, University of Connecticut, Rutgers University, Arizona State, Duke University, the University of Hawaii, and the University of Virginia. 


At Wellesley, we offer a wide range of courses, from the fundamental questions considered in subjects such as Number Theory (Math 223) and Real Analysis (Math 302), to the applications of mathematical knowledge in the real world, such as Differential Equations (Math 210) and Probability & Statistics (Math 220). Our current curriculum includes advanced courses for students interested in graduate studies, including Advanced Graph Theory (Math 325), Differential Geometry (Math 312) and Advanced Topics in Algebra (Math 306).

Inside and outside of the classroom, we encourage students to see and participate in the exciting and challenging world of current mathematics research. Students have ample opportunities to learn about groundbreaking mathematics at our student seminar, in-house faculty seminar and colloquium series. Many of our undergraduates participate in extra-Wellesley programs as the Budapest Semester in Mathematics, Research Experience for Undergraduates and summer research on our own campus. In the past years they have succeeded in securing excellent positions in graduate programs, the education sector and the financial realm.