Grants for Conference Travel

Grants for Conference Attendance

Wellesley College provides funding opportunities for students who are presenting their work at a scholarly conference.   Students in the humanities and social sciences (excluding psychology) can apply for a Conference Travel Grant (application form available here:

Ordinarily no retroactive awards will be made and a student will be funded for only one conference or the equivalent of $750 per academic year.   (Note that students enrolled in a 350 or 360 can also apply for a Research Grant or Multicultural Research Grant, some portion of which might be used for conference travel.)

Philosophy majors and minors, or students currently taking a philosophy class, who have either:

a) exhausted the conference travel funds available to them through the College, or

b) are attending, but not presenting at, a scholarly conference with a connection to philosophy

may apply to the Philosophy department for reimbursement of travel costs associated with conference attendance. Interested students should submit a brief application via email to the Chair of the Philosophy department, including the following information:

  • Name of student
  • Major/minor
  • Conference title and location
  • (If presenting) title and brief abstract of paper
  • (If merely attending) a short paragraph explaining how the conference connects to the student’s interests or course-work
  • Estimated cost of travel to the conference
  • The source of any other funding for this conference that the student has requested or received
  • The amount of funding that the student has received from the Philosophy department for conference travel in the current and previous years.

Please note:

  • Because funds are limited, not all applications will be successful.
  • Students can maximize their chances of receiving funding by submitting an application as early as possible in the academic year.
  • Students who attend philosophy conferences (as opposed to interdisciplinary conferences or conferences in other disciplines) are likely to receive priority.
  • Normally awards will not exceed $300 for any particular conference or $400 for any particular student per year.

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