Staff & Responsibilities

Meet the staff of the Provost's Office

Mary Pat Navins

Mary Pat Navins is the assistant provost for academic budget and planning.  She supports the work of the provost in all budgetary and financial matters.  Specific responsibilities include overseeing academic division budgets, approval of financial forms, reviewing programmatic budgets and endowed funds, and oversight of the business operations of the academic division.

Donna Ng

Reporting to the Provost, the senior associate provost for budget and planning provides leadership in academic planning for the College.  Working closely with the Provost, Donna oversees the College's annual operating and capital budget process, performs medium and long term strategic budget planning; provides leadership to ensure that the Provost Office fully supports the College's priorities through effective and efficient delivery of services; and actively promotes the optimized use of technology resources to maximize operational efficiencies for the Provost Office.  She also provides broad oversight for the Wellesley 2025:  A Plan for Campus Renewal initiative.  

Kathy Sanger

Kathy Sanger is the office manager and assistant to the provost and dean of the college.  She provides direct support to the Provost and two deans, manages communication with internal and external constituencies, schedules appointments for the provost and deans with committees and individuals, and manages various projects for department.  She is responsible for the day-to-day office operations.

Ruth Frommer

Ruth Frommer is the assistant dean of the college for faculty appointments.  Ruth manages and supports the work of the Committee on Faculty Appointments (CFA) and the Advisory Committee on Merit relating to faculty reappointment, tenure, promotion, merit, and sabbatical leave decisions.  She acts as liaison between the Provost and Dean of Faculty Affairs, the CFA and merit committee members, Reappointments and Promotions committees, and faculty under review.  In addition, Ruth is responsible for the faculty leave eligibility and leave application process for sabbaticals, early leaves, and professional development leaves as well as managing SEQ access for faculty.  Ruth also works on special projects with the Dean of Faculty Affairs.


TBA is the director of the Office of Sponsored Research.  She/He supports faculty members by providing information about appropriate sources of external grant and fellowship support for their research and he works with them to prepare grant proposals and budgets.  In addition, she/he serves as a liaison to faculty on responsibilities relating to grant administration and compliance with regulations concerning expenditure of federal funds.

Jessica Gaudreau

Jessica Gaudreau is the budget analyst and an administrative assistant in the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College reporting to Mary Pat Navins.  She maintains the financial records for conference travel, faculty awards, educational research and development, and named professorships.  She administers the elections for committees of Academic Council.

Amy Chandler-Nelson

Amy Chandler-Nelson is the budget and academic operations administrator in the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College reporting to Mary Pat Navins.  She supports the Faculty Awards Committee, the Educational Research & Development Committee, and the Ruhlman Committee in preparation for the annual conference.  She oversees the office Web site and other sites supported by the office and she coordinates student prizes and student grants.

Kristen Gallagher

Kristen Gallagher is the faculty information administrator in the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College and reports to Mary Pat Navins.  She is responsible for all administrative information processes relating to faculty regarding salaries, leaves, and contracts.   She supports the Ruhlman Committee and the Committee on Faculty Awards and she also maintains the Faculty Handbook.

Rachael Coombes

Rachael Coombes is an administrative assistant in the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College, providing support to Robbin Chapman, Kathryn Lynch, and Ruth Frommer.  Rachael handles scheduling, meeting logistics, diversity programming and project assistance, and supports the work of the Committee on Faculty Appointments.


Andrew Shennan

Andrew Shennan
Provost and Dean of the College more


Robbin Chapman
Associate Provost and Academic Director of Diversity & Inclusion more


Richard French

Richard French
Dean of Academic Affairs, and Louise McDowell & Sarah Frances Whiting Professor of Astrophysics more


Kathryn Lynch

Kathryn Lynch
Dean of Faculty Affairs and the Katharine Lee Bates & Sophie Chantal Hart Professor of English more