Wellesley College Botanic Gardens

Covid-19 Update: Outdoor gardens are open! Buildings closed and parking limited.

Our outdoor gardens are now open to the public! Please note there is active construction around the Science Center, impacting garden areas. Some paths are closed and water features are currently not active; please avoid flooded areas.  Public parking is currently only allowed at the Distribution Center lot on the west side of campus, and greenhouses and indoor buildings are still closed to the public, per campus policy. Latest details here: https://www.wellesley.edu/coronavirus/facilities#publicaccess

Happy Spring! Wellesley College students, staff, and faculty only- book Global Flora visits here: tinyurl.com/book-GF 

The Wellesley College Botanic Gardens (WCBG) are campus treasures.

Wellesley College Botanic Gardens is a place to learn, relax, and enjoy plants and the outdoors.

The Botanic Gardens shares love and appreciation of plants and the natural world, provides educational hubs indoors and out, and supports well-being and community for all.  Learn more about the 22+ acres of gardens and greenhouses, and ways to get involved!  

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Discover Massachusetts' garden gems!
Wellesley magazine features WCBG staff and students, on creating "sense of place" in the outdoors
Wellesley magazine features WCBG's botanical art program


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We acknowledge that Wellesley College is built on ancestral and traditional land of the Massachusett people. We also recognize that the United States’ removal, termination, and assimilation policies and practices resulted in the forced settlement of Indigenous lands and the attempted erasure of Indigenous cultures and languages. We further acknowledge the oppression, injustices, and discrimination that Indigenous people have endured and that there is much work to be done on the important journey to reconciliation. We commit to strengthen our understanding of the history and contemporary lives of Indigenous peoples and to steward this land.

We further recognize the many Indigenous people living here today—including the Massachusett, Wampanoag, and Nipmuc nations—who have rich ancestral histories in Wellesley and its surrounding communities. Today, their descendants remind us that they are still here, where they maintain a vital and visible presence. We honor and respect the enduring relationship between these peoples and this land, as well as the strength of Indigenous culture and knowledge, the continued existence of tribal sovereignty, and the principle of tribal self-determination.
We thank the Native American Student Association at Wellesley College for their work in developing this land acknowledgement.


Wellesley students -- Love plants? Wondering how to get involved?

Check out our "For Students" section for info about the Botanistas student org (join the Google group!), internships, and work-study positions!  To work with us in Fall 2022, apply via Workday starting April 15, 2022 - search for "Botanic Gardens student assistant" positions!