Wellesley College is required to file Form 990 with the IRS each year disclosing information about its charitable purpose, programs, governance, policies, finances, sources of support, and compensation. The 990 is reviewed and approved by the Audit Committee on behalf of the College's Board of Trustees, and subsequently reviewed by the full board. Following review, it must be filed by May 15th in the year following the end of the College's fiscal year, which runs through June 30th.

While the College is required to make recent copies of the 990 available to anyone who asks for a copy, Wellesley has chosen to voluntarily publish the most recent five years of form 990s online so that members of our community, friends, and the general public may better understand how the College fulfills its mission. Together with the College’s annual report, including its audited financial statements, which is also published on this website, the 990 provides substantial information about the finances and operations of Wellesley College. Members of the Wellesley community who have additional questions about these topics are invited to contact Piper Orton, Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Given the complexity of the Form 990, we have also provided a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the Form 990 and the information it contains.