Distinguished Faculty Lecturers

Previous Distinguished Faculty Lecturers

William E. Cain, Mary Jewett Gaiser Professor of English
April 21, 2021
“How to Enjoy Shakespeare”

Katharine (Kathy) H.S. Moon, professor of political science and the Edith Stix Wasserman Chair of Asian Studies
April 1, 2019
“Friending Your Enemy: Dialogue with North Korea, Engaging the Other”

Frances Malino, Sophia Moses Robison Professor of Jewish Studies and History and director of the Jewish Studies program
April 4, 2018
“Jewish Voices: Muslim Lands”

Marianne Moore, Frost Professor Emerita in Environmental Science; Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences
April 19, 2017
“Casting a Net into the Clear, Cold Soul of Siberia—Lake Baikal”

Salem Mekuria, Professor Emerita of Art
October 28, 2015
“The Passion to Create and the Urge to Share”
Image Credit: David Welch

Emily A. Buchholtz, Gordon P. Lang and Althea P. Lang ’26 Professor of Biological Sciences
February 12, 2014
“A Bush Not a Tree”

Margaret Keane, Professor of Psychology
February 27, 2013
“Remembrance of Things Past and Future: Insights from Amnesia”