Join the Peace Walk

November 11, 2016
Community joins President Johnson in a peace walk through campus.

Dear campus community,
The last few days have tested us. So many of us are looking for direction, for answers. There is fear and uncertainty, but there is also perseverance and determination. We must move forward from Tuesday’s election as a community and in a way that aligns with our values of equity and respect, and peaceful and civil protest, and that honors the freedoms this country guarantees us.
It is in that spirit that I ask you to join me, your fellow students, members of the faculty and the administration in a ‘peace walk’ through our campus this afternoon. It is time to walk through our spaces, the spaces that belong to us. We will walk side-by-side. And we will walk with pride, with love, and with empathy for those who are hurting right now.
Please join us at 1:30 PM. We will meet on the Academic Quad.  And go here to sign and demonstrate your commitment to this place that we call home.
Going forward, we have work to do. And it will require all of us. We must be the example for what is so often missing in our country. It is our responsibility to create the future we want. 

But this afternoon, let’s come together to care for ourselves, to care for each other.

President Paula Johnson