The E2040 working group will help us keep our focus and maintain our momentum as we progress towards a sustainable campus.

The Power4Women task force, composed of members of Wellesley’s Board of Trustees, students, faculty, and administrators, worked for 12 months to assess the energy needs of the College and develop a plan to address the College’s 24-year-old cogeneration plant to actualize the commitments made in Wellesley’s Sustainability Plan. With a focus on reducing the College’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, the group’s work became more urgent when the plant failed this summer.
In October 2018, the task force recommended a multipart energy initiative that included significant investments to implement energy conservation measures, sharply reduce the use of natural gas and fuel oil on campus for electricity generation, and replace steam chillers with electric chillers. Based on these recommendations, the Board of Trustees announced on October 29, 2018, that it had committed approximately $24 million to be spent over the next three years.
This energy initiative is a first step only. To continue to achieve meaningful progress, the Power4Women task force will be reconstituted as E2040, a new working group of the Board of Trustees that will help the College move forward from here.
E2040 will advise the College about ways to work towards its environmental goals while upholding its educational mission, financial commitments, and other institutional priorities. The group will create an energy master plan that achieves previously announced goals while enabling a carbon neutral future.

The group’s specific charge is under development, but will include these priorities:

  • Map the future of Wellesley’s electrical and heating infrastructure and campus energy.
  • Pursue the transitioning of campus buildings and the central boiler plant to renewable technologies.
  • Determine the role of renewable electricity on campus.
  • Accelerate off-campus renewable electricity projects already under discussion.
  • Develop a governance structure to ensure the College meets long-term environmental goals. 

Power4Women Task Force Members

  • Anna Beyette ’21
  • Dave Chakraborty, assistant vice president, facilities management and planning
  • Debora de Hoyos, chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Thomas E. Faust Jr., trustee
  • Laura Daignault Gates, trustee
  • Doug Hollett, president, Melroy-Hollett Technology Partners
  • Paula A. Johnson, president
  • Deborah Kuenstner, chief investment officer
  • Rob Lamppa, director, energy, infrastructure and chief sustainability officer
  • Patrick Lee, trustee
  • Robin McKnight, professor of economics
  • Lawry Jones Meister, trustee
  • Piper Orton, vice president, finance and administration, and treasurer
  • Christopher T. Pasko, trustee
  • Jay Turner, associate professor of environmental studies