Life-Long Learning

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At Wellesley your education extends beyond the four years you are here on campus - it lasts a lifetime. 

The Alumnae Association fosters life-long learning by offering alumnae the opportunity to connect with each other and the College through a variety of programs:

Auditor Program - Alumnae may audit select Wellesley College courses with permission of the instructor. The Alumnae Association sends an email to local alumnae with a list of courses just before each new semester. For more information, contact

Wellesley Joins online learning platform edX - Beginning next fall, a selection of Wellesley’s classes will be available to anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world. Stay tuned for more information.

iTunesU - Lectures and other special podcasts are available online, on a computer or on an iPod.

The Faculty Speaker Program - Faculty visit alumnae clubs and present exciting topics with a flavor of "Wellesley Today." Contact your local club to learn about upcoming programs. 

Travel Program - Alumnae can participate in occasional trips that bring the intellectual community of the college to locations around the world. The travel program is currently on hold. We will update this page with more information when we have it.

The Alumnae Association welcomes your ideas for ways in which we can extend our life-long learning opportunities to alumnae.  Please feel free to contact us at .