Physical Education

Physical Education, Fall 2020

Moratorium on PE Credit for Co-Curricular Activities for 2020-21

For the health and safety of the Wellesley College community, students will be able to earn PE credit only for regular PE classes during the 2020-21 academic year. Students will not be able to earn credit for any co-curricular activities, including varsity sports, club sports, student organization participation, and ROTC.

Please keep this policy in mind as you plan your schedule for the year, as you will be able to earn PE credit only by successfully completing PE classes during 2020-21.

Physical Education Mission

Wellesley Physical Education engages students through instructional classes in diverse physical activities to develop skills and knowledge on the importance of regular physical activity that leads to a healthy lifestyle.


Students must earn eight physical education credits to fulfill the College's graduation requirement. These credits do not count as academic units toward the degree, but are required for graduation. Students may earn PE credits for:

Qualified students may also earn credit for rigorous, instructional independent programs (four credits maximum).