At the core of the Alumnae Association's network is a unique and dedicated group of volunteers.

All alumnae volunteers are guided by the Association's mission to connect alumnae to one another and to the College. We are always looking for alumnae interested in sharing their time, energy and Wellesley spirit.

Often, alumnae are wary about becoming a volunteer. They worry about the time commitment necessary to give back to Wellesley. Have no fear! There are numerous opportunities through the Alumnae Association. The perfect volunteer role is waiting for you!

Class Volunteers

Connect classmates throughout the year. Class officers are elected every five years during reunion weekend and help keep the class connected through mini-reunions, newsletters, email updates, and class websites. To find out how you can volunteer for your class, contact your class president.

Club Volunteers

Focus their efforts in their home area - keeping alumnae connected around the world. Club volunteers help plan local events such as luncheons, lectures, museum tours, and book groups. Clubs also assist the Office of Admission by organizing prospective and admitted student events. To find out how you can become a club volunteer, contact your local club president.  

Reunion Volunteers

Plan your class activities for reunion weekend. The president of the class appoints a reunion chair who then recruits a committee. Volunteers organize the class socials, dinner, picnic, and other class-specific events. To find out how you can volunteer for your reunion committee, contact your class president

Shared Identity Groups Volunteers

Help keep alumnae connected based on a shared interest or affinity. Volunteers may be part of an informal group committee or a member of a formal board of officers. To find out how you can volunteer for a group, contact the Alumnae Association.  

Alumnae Admission Representatives (AARs)

Work with their local club and the Office of Admission to extend the reach of Wellesley College to a larger number of prospective students than can be reached solely through the efforts of the admission staff. AARs make school visits, attend college fairs, invite prospective students to meet local alumnae and current students, and interview applicants to the College. To find out how you can become an AAR, contact the Office of Admission.

Fundraising Volunteers

Support Wellesley in our efforts to raise funds for the College. These volunteers work directly with The Wellesley Fund and Gift Planning Offices to educate their classmates about the significance of alumnae support. They also work with their liaisons to set annual dollar and participation goals for their class, recruit and manage a team of assistant representatives, and thank classmates for their generosity. Their outreach to classmates forms a bridge between Wellesley's past and present, with a focus on maintaining Wellesley's financial strength now and into the future. To find out how you can volunteer for your class, contact The Wellesley Fund or Gift Planning by calling 800.358.3543 or emailing giving@wellesley.edu. Current fundraising volunteers may also find these tools helpful!

Already a Volunteer?

We are pleased to share our online Volunteer Toolkits. These role-specific toolkits are designed to be an easy one-stop resource for our volunteers and include role responsibilities and helpful information. Please use these resources to answer questions or while planning your next event. These resources will prove to be extremely helpful whether you are requesting an alumnae list, looking for new ideas, or need a refresher.

Remember that we are as close as your telephone or computer. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts or questions.