Event Planning

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Welcome to the Events and Scheduling Office.  Please read the message below about carefully planning for your upcoming activities.

We are monitoring the Wellesley College guidelines for gatherings and community events.  At this time, the campus is closed to the public and we will only process reservations that are meeting the guidelines.

Limit gatherings:  Social gatherings, meetings and events are limited to 10 people indoors and 25 people outside, with masks and physical distancingRequests for programming that exceeds 10 people will route for additional approvals. Virtual meetings and programs are encouraged.  No food is allowed to be consumed or distributed at any gatherings at this time. 

Location and resource considerationsPlease plan your activity with minimal needs for additional equipment or resources.  The ability to clean spaces before and after use is a scheduling consideration.  In addition, service providers have been staffed to support classroom and remote learning and will not be able to accommodate all requests for meeting support. 

If you are requesting an in person reservation, please note that the new Physical Distancing Capacities for spaces are programmed in 25Live.  When you search a location, view the details of that location and you will see layout options.  The current capacity guideline in place overrides the default capacity for all locations.  Also, as set forth above, additional approval is required for events over 10 people, even if the particular space could accommodate larger numbers of people with physical distancing.

If you need to modify an existing reservation, please email your scheduling office. 

If you need to schedule a NEW virtual reservation, please select "virtual" for your location.  Express Scheduling is open for scheduling one time virtual meetings.

Helpful resources:

Scheduling FAQ's and tips

25Live Scheduling site

Reservation checklist
Community Calendar or Public Calendar
Academic Calendar for 2020-21.

Questions?  Contact your schedulers at:

Department-sponsored: eventsoffice@wellesley.edu
Student organization-sponsored: studentinvolvement@wellesley.edu
Athletics: athletics@wellesley.edu
Curricular activities:  registrar@wellesley.edu


Our goal is to provide faculty and staff with tools and information to plan and schedule a successful meeting, program or event.

Scheduling tools on the web

25Live Pro is the recognized college tool for all reservations.
Express Scheduling for your virtual meetings is located on the dashboard of 25LivePro

Note: 25Live Scheduling will be phased out in 2021

Scheduling a College-Sponsored Meeting, Program, or Event

Basic meetings require a minimum of three business days to process. Events requesting the use of departmentally managed space may take longer to generate all approvals necessary.  25Live will notify approvers in a timely manner.  Events that require resources (such as sound, AV, videographers, special set-ups) require a minimum of 7 days notice.

The Wellesley College Scheduling System is the site you want to visit to check availability, find a space that meets your needs, request space and services on campus, and view all of your scheduled activities. Access to request the use of space and resources and view user preferences is only available after logging into the system with your Domain Wellesley College username and password.


The only acceptable and recognized method for scheduling events on campus is 25Live. It is the system of record on campus and is used by all requestors, schedulers, service providers, help desk personnel, and dispatchers. It is the only recognized tool for obtaining services, reserving space, publicizing events, obtain space utilization data, and for safety and security purposes.

Scheduling a Non-College Sponsored Meeting, Program, or Event

During the academic year when classes are in session, non-college events are not scheduled on campus with the exception of the Wellesley College Club*.  If you are looking for space for a non-college event during this time frame you can contact the The Wellesley College Club* at 781.283.2700 or visit: www.wellesleycollegeclub.com.  
*Please note that the College Club is currently closed.  Please check back in early 2021 for an update on reopening.

For non-college sponsored events and/or space inquiries, please contact Anthony Pires by email or by phone at 781-283-2875.

Weddings, Commitments, Memorials, Baptisms

For inquiries about holding your wedding, commitment, memorial or baptism ceremony at Wellesley College, please first visit the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life website or the Ceremonies at Wellesley College website or contact the Chapel Coordinator at 781-283-2615.

Meet Our Staff

Donna Barnes, Scheduler
Physical Plant, 1st floor

Terri Flutie, Scheduling Manager
Physical Plant, Suite 130   

Lynne Payson, Director of Events Management, Director of Wang Campus Center
Campus Center, Suite 301        

Sarah Willis, Event Manager and Scheduling System Administrator
Physical Plant, Suite 128      

Have a General Question and Not Sure Who to Ask?

Email:   EventsOffice@wellesley.edu