Established in 1913 - The Laboratory Preschool at Wellesley College

The Child Study Center offers play-based educational programs for toddler and preschool children and their families. Our purpose-built environments are designed for children’s age groups and developmental needs. Integral to our mission as a laboratory preschool affiliated with the Wellesley College Psychology Department is to facilitate and inform research in child development. We also provide training and mentoring in the fields of early childhood education and developmental psychology, and our model educational program uses evidenced-based, developmentally appropriate practices informed by our close ties to research and the wealth of experience of our master teachers.

The indoor classrooms are expansive, full of natural light, and brimming with captivating curricula set up to foster curiosity, creativity, and learning. The playgrounds have beautiful, natural landscapes that provide limitless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Children thrive on the inherent challenge of natural playgrounds and spend significant time outdoors each day. Our mantra - Children are our most treasured guests!

Child Study Center

Wellesley College Child Study Center
Page Building
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
Annie Cohen
Program Administrator