Photography should capture all aspects of the Wellesley experience, from faculty and students to academic and social life, on campus and beyond. Photography should reflect Wellesley students’ diversity, seriousness of purpose, creativity, and resourcefulness


Photographic imagery should reflect Wellesley as a dynamic institution fostering academic excellence in all arenas. Subject matter should reflect the scope of the Wellesley education, in arts, humanities, and sciences. Students should be placed in context whenever and wherever possible to convey their profound engagement with the world around them.



Wellesley professors should be captured in action, either lecturing or interacting with students, formally or informally.



Imagery of people within the campus setting should include physical highlights of the school, with Wellesleyans engaged and interacting with one another and their environment.

Imagery of campus life should reflect Wellesley’s diversity, give glimpses into the lives of Wellesley women, and capture the advantages of a women’s college. Photography should reveal women interacting, bonding, having fun, being themselves, and learning from each other.



Campus imagery should feature the College’s architecture, natural beauty, and unique and symbolic features, in different seasons. Reflecting the impact and scale of Wellesley’s campus reinforces its institutional soundness and speaks to the College’s endurance, stability, and promise.