A Quick Guide for Prospective International Financial Aid Applicants

Wellesley is committed to meeting 100% of calculated need for all admitted international citizens who have applied for financial aid during the admission process. Financial assistance is available for a limited number of international citizens. Its purpose is to support highly qualified candidates who could not otherwise attend Wellesley. Because of the keen competition for these funds, candidates should apply for them only if family resources cannot adequately meet College expenses. In determining the amount of aid given, the College examines the financial resources of the student and her family through information provided on the admissions application, through questions on your Wellesley Applicant Portal, and through completion of the CSS Profile.

For international students, the cost of attendance will be based on tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies and other educational costs. Please note that travel is not included in international students' cost of attendance.

1. Deadlines and financial aid decision notification dates

Please see the information on admissions plans and admission's application deadlines for prospective students. If you indicate you are applying for aid on your admission application, you will be prompted with what documentation is needed. Completing requests in a timely manner will ensure you receive aid eligibility if you are admitted.

  • Prospective international students, whether or not they are applying for financial aid, may apply under any of Wellesley's three decision plans.
  • International students admitted to Wellesley without financial aid will not be eligible for financial aid in future years at the College.
  • Current international students are not required to reapply for financial aid each year. Note: Students from the United World Colleges must complete a registration form each year. We will email this form to you in August.

2. Financial Aid Application Materials

In an effort to simplify the financial aid process for international, undocumented, and DACA students, applicants who have indicated their intent to apply for aid will be prompted to complete a Financial Aid Intent Form after submitting their application for admission. Within three to five business days of the completion of the Common Application, students will be given access to the Applicant Portal by Admissions. We will contact applicants later in the process regarding any additional financial aid forms or documents they may need to provide. We encourage all applicants applying for aid to begin completing the CSS Profile so that if requested, they can submit it promptly. However, students won’t need to submit the CSS Profile unless they are instructed to do so by our staff. Information on assistance with its cost will also be provided.