Davis Degree Program Applicants

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Davis Degree Program Applicants

The application: an overview

Designed with the needs of the returning student in mind, the Elisabeth Kaiser Davis Degree Program affords women beyond traditional college age who have begun but not completed a bachelor’s degree the opportunity to complete their degree at Wellesley. The Davis Degree Program gathers women from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, providing them with a fully engaged college experience in one of the best liberal arts programs available and, in the process, creating an extraordinary community.

Each year Wellesley accepts a small number of Davis Scholars for entrance in September. Students are integrated into an existing class and enjoy the same opportunities and privileges available to their classmates, including financial aid and guaranteed housing. In order to receive a Wellesley College degree as a Davis Scholar, you must complete at least two years (16 units) of coursework at the College.

Select candidates will be invited to interview if additional information is needed after the application is submitted.




Who can apply to the Davis Degree Program?

U.S. veterans, mothers, and any woman age 24 and older who was unable to complete her bachelor’s degree during the traditional 18- to 23-year-old period of her life.

Davis Scholars take the same classes as Wellesley’s traditional-age students, have the same degree requirements, and graduate with the same Wellesley degree. Davis Scholars have their own dean who will guide them through the curriculum at the College, along with their major advisors. They can even choose to live in on-campus housing, although family housing is unavailable.


Financial aid for Davis Scholars

Wellesley’s admission process for U.S. citizens and permanent residents is need-blind. We admit students based on their skills, abilities, and promise—not on their financial situation. Wellesley meets 100 percent of calculated need for all admitted students. Financial aid is limited for international students and international students must apply for financial aid at the time of application.

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