International Students

A Quick Guide for Prospective International Financial Aid Applicants

Applying for financial aid may not be as daunting as you think. So why not give it a try. First, here are three things you'll want to know before you begin.

1. Deadlines and decision notification dates 

Your financial aid deadlines depend upon which admission decision plan you choose. All requirements for the specific decision plan are outlined on the corresponding printable checklists.

First Year Applicants
Financial Aid
Admission Decision and
Financial Aid Notification Date
Early Decision Round I
November 1 November 1 mid December
Early Decision Round II
January 1 January 1 late February
Regular Decision with
Early Evaluation Option
December 15 January 15 late February admission evaluation;
late March final decision and
financial aid notification
Regular Decision January 15 January 15 late March
  *Binding: If admitted through ED I or ED II, you must
withdraw all applications to other colleges. 


  • Prospective international students, whether or not they are applying for financial aid, may apply under any of Wellesley's three decision plans.
  • International students admitted to Wellesley without financial aid will not be eligible for financial aid in future years at the College. 
  • Current international students are not required to reapply for financial aid each year. Note: Students from the United World Colleges must complete a registration form each year.  We will email this form to you in August.

2. Financial Aid Application Materials

You will need to submit the following information as part of your financial aid application. 

The Wellesley code is 3957. Submit online to

Translated copy of parents' most recent Foreign Tax Return or Statement of Earnings or appropriate Canadian tax documents. All students will need to submit signed copies of their families' tax returns and income documentation through IDOC. You will receive an email giving you access to the uploading feature after you have completed your CSS Profile. If you have any difficulty submitting documents, please feel free to contact our office.

3. Detailed Instructions

Additional guidance on how to complete your application is available using these step-by-step instructions for international citizens.