Alumnae Trustees

The Alumnae Association elects five Alumnae Trustees to the Board of Trustees of the College.

Four of these Alumnae Trustees serve six-year terms and are elected from the active membership of the Association. These four alumnae trustees are nominated by the alumnae trustee nominating committee or by petition and are elected at the annual meeting in June. They are elected on a rotating basis.

A Young Alumnae Trustee is also elected every third year among the senior classes, the first year alumnae class, or the second year alumnae class.

The current Alumnae Trustees are:

20142020 Lawry Jones Meister '83
20132019 JudyAnn Bigby '73
20182021 Martha Goldberg Aronson ’89 - ex officio with vote
20162019 Hana Glasser '15 - Young Alumnae Trustee
20162022 Alvia Wardlaw '69
20122018 Kristine Holland deJuniac '72