Donna Trainor

Donna R. Trainor
(781) 283-3219
B.A., University of Rochester; Ph.D., University of Akron

Donna R. Trainor

Senior Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry laboratory instruction, development and testing of new laboratory experiments, and community science outreach.

As an organic chemistry laboratory instructor, I focus my research on developing new laboratory experiments and improving and updating our laboratory experiments. I search out new reactions and techniques from the chemical literature that I can adapt as experiments for our students to do in the laboratory.

My teaching activities involve showing students how to conduct a wide variety of laboratory techniques that are commonly used in organic chemistry research. To accomplish this, I use a combination of lab demonstration, discussion, and our online lab manual. I also strive to help students make interesting connections between their laboratory experiments and the rest of their coursework.

In addition to teaching labs and advising students, I am also one of the faculty coordinators assisting with Wellesley College Science Outreach. Our Science Outreach student volunteers share their love of science by leading hands-on science activities in several programs for children and pre-teens in the community. I am very proud of our student volunteers for all their hard work, and the difference they make in the lives of others.

I enjoy spending time with my family. Now that our children are grown, my husband and I especially enjoy traveling to places near and far to visit them. I like spending time outdoors, and my favorite outdoor activities include working in my garden, and going for walks in the beautiful countryside near my home.

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