Calderwood Seminars in Public Writing

Academic Program Introduction

The Calderwood Seminars empower students to communicate specialized knowledge to a broad audience. Assignments may include writing newspaper articles, listicles, analyses of government reports, or op-eds. The intense writing schedule, peer-to-peer editing, and student-driven workshops foster a highly rewarding experience.

The seminars are named for Stanford Calderwood, a patron of the arts and Wellesley College benefactor. The brainchild of David Lindauer, professor of economics emeritus, they originated at Wellesley College in 2013 and are now found at colleges and universities across the country.

Learning goals

  • Write clearly and concisely, with an increased awareness of the audience.

  • Translate complex arguments and professional jargon into language accessible to a layperson.

  • Give and receive criticism in the spirit of mutual commitment to the clear expression of ideas.

More information is available at the extended Calderwood Seminars website, or watch Professor Lindauer’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture on on the seminars below.
Calderwood Seminars

Calderwood Seminars in Public Writing

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Calderwood Program