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Welcome to the Wellesley College Department of Education

Our courses and minors offer understanding of the interplay between education policy, history, diversity, school reform, and the actual conditions in young people’s lives. We invite you to try a course and to consider one of our two minors: Teaching and Learning Studies and Education Studies.

Our two minors provide opportunities to explore teaching and education from the perspective of a classroom teacher or as a field of study. You may choose to focus on urban education within either minor.

Why Study Education?

Social concern about education keeps growing and the school-based dynamics of learning and teaching interact with broader social, economic, and political forces. Consequently, many students study education (even if only taking two or three courses) as a complement to a variety of majors or as a way to deepen their background for a variety of careers. Others wish deeper immersion and take many of our courses along with internships and fieldwork.


For more information, please look at our links to our curriculum and faculty pages, at our page on possible paths while at Wellesley and for graduate study and careers, and at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


We hope that you’ll email us, make an appointment, or stop by our office hours.  If you think you’re interested in Education Studies (but not necessarily teaching), please contact Barbara Beatty.  If you’re interested in elementary school teaching, please contact Noah Rubin; if in middle school or high school teaching, please contact Ken Hawes.  The Education Department is located on the ground floor of Pendleton East.  We look forward to talking with you.