Wellesley students have more regular and reliable access to the resources and entertainment opportunities in the greater Boston area than any other suburban campus.

That's thanks to the College's own transportation and Boston's public transit systems. The MIT Exchange and Senate Buses run hourly on weekdays and even more frequently on weekends to locations in Cambridge and downtown Boston; the Wellesley-Olin-Babson Shuttle and Mall/Movie shuttles which take you to other schools and attractions in the area, also pick up a short walk from your residence hall.  The Wellesley Square Commuter Rail stop (on the Framingham/Worcester line) is located in the ville;  the Woodland stop (on the Green Line of the "T"- the MBTA subway system) is only a few miles away.  Want more information and real-time updates?  Check the Latest Updates section on this page,  or call the Transportation Hotline at 781.283.2318.


Friday, June 1, 2018:

Bus and shuttle service from campus has ended for the academic year.  Please check back in mid-August for the Start of Fall Semester Transportation Schedule

Have a great summer!






Reimbursement Policy:

- Students will not be reimbursed for delays due to natural occurrences, including: traffic, weather, construction, or a bus breaking down.

- Students will not be reimbursed if they cannot get a seat on a bus. (To avoid this, be sure to get to the stops early.) The purchase of a ticket, token, or punch pass does not guarantee a seat on a specific departure. Buses that fill are not eligible for Uber, Lyft, or MBTA reimbursement.

- Students will not be reimbursed if changes in the shuttle schedule were previously distributed to the student body.

- Students will not be reimbursed if a bus driver does not let them on the bus at a non-designated stop area. i.e. If you see the shuttle at a stop light and try to get on, you will not be allowed, and will not reimbursed for this siutation. 

- Students will not be reimbursed if the bus leaves 3-5 minutes early. The shuttle bus' schedule is partially dependent on traffic and other circumstances. Be sure to get to the stop as early as possible to avoid missing a bus.


Peter Pan Bus Lines has launched a new bus tracking app for Wellesley College.  It is available at the App Store (IPhone) and Google Play Store (Android).

Search "Wellesley College Bus Tracker," click "Get" (IPhone) or "Install" (Android) to download the app.

As you use this app, please let me know your experience so that I can share feedback with our Peter Pan service representatives.

Thank you,

Peter Eastment/





Students encountering an issue or problem with the BOW Shuttle or the Movie-Mall Shuttle should call (508) 653-4500  for assistance.


















Public Transportation

Local Taxi Service

  • The AirPorter - (by reservation only!) 781-899-6161 or Toll Free 877-899-6161
  • Bostonia Taxi - 617-816-TAXI (9314)

  • JFK Taxi - 508-653-4500 - **Special Logan Airport Rate = $65.00**
  • Metro Cab in Allston 617-782-5500 accessible/wheelchair ready taxis
  • Red Cab - 617-734-5000
  • Sun Taxi - 800-SUN-TAXI
  • Tommy's Taxi - 508-872-3500
  • Veterans Taxi - 781-235-1600
  • Wellesley Transportation - 781-235-2200