Wellesley students have more regular and reliable access to the resources and entertainment opportunities in the greater Boston area than any other suburban campus.

That's thanks to the College's own transportation and Boston's public transit systems.  The MIT Exchange and Senate Buses run on weekdays and even more frequently on weekends to locations in Cambridge and downtown Boston; the Wellesley-Olin-Babson Shuttle and the Movie/Mall Shuttle take you to other schools and attractions in the area.  Both on-campus shuttle stops are a short walk from your residence hall.  The Wellesley Square Commuter Rail stop (on the Framingham/Worcester line) is located in the ville; the Woodland stop (on the Green Line of the "T"- the MBTA subway system) is only a few miles away.  



Bus service from campus has ended for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Bus service will resume on Saturday, August 31, 2019

Please consider the following summer transportation alternatives:

-MBTA Rail Line from Wellesley Square:

-MWRTA Route 8 Shuttle:  Stops in the Caz.-Pom. Circle on Central Street/Route 135 -


Have a great summer break and travel safely!






LOCAL MOTION:  Students needing an update or assistance with an issue/problem on the Exchange Bus or the Senate Bus should call Local Motion Dispatch at (781) 535-6371 or 6372.


JFK TRANSPORTATION:  Students encountering a problem with the BOW Shuttle or the Movie-Mall Shuttle can call (508) 653-4500 for help.



Reimbursement Policy:

- Wellesley College is not responsible for costs incurred when buses run late or miss a departure due to circumstances beyond the control of Local Motion.  This includes inclement weather, traffic conditions, vehicle breakdown and highway construction.

- Students will not be reimbursed if they cannot get a seat on a bus.  All departure times are approximate.  Please arrive at least five mnutes before the scheduled departure time.  The purchase of a ticket, token, or punch pass does not guarantee a seat on a specific departure.  Buses that fill are not eligible for Uber, Lyft, or MBTA reimbursement.

- Students will not be reimbursed if changes in the schedule were previously distributed to the student body.

- Students will not be reimbursed if a bus driver does not let them board the bus at a non-designated stop i.e. if you see the shuttle at a stop light and try to get on, you will not be allowed, and will not be reimbursed for this siutation. 



-Smoking, alchohol, food and drink, including water bottles, are NOT permitted on the buses.

-ID cards must be shown when riding the buses.  Have your Wellesley ID ready to show the driver when boarding the bus.  Guests of Wellesley students are allowed to board the buses.  They are expected to have a ticket, token or punch pass to offer the driver as they board.  Guest Passes are not requirued but they are available from Peter Eastment,

-Bicycles may transported on the buses.  The bus driver will open the lower luggage compartment and you may place your bike in the compartment.

-Bus drivers cannot make unscheduled stops.

-Occasionally, replacement bus are used.  There will be a sign in the front window, but when in doubt, please ask!

-All departure times are approximate.  Please arrive at least five minutes before the scheduled departure time at all stops.

-Once a bus is full, standees are NOT allowed on any of the buses. 

Public Transportation

Local Taxi Service

  • The AirPorter - (by reservation only!) 781-899-6161 or Toll Free 877-899-6161
  • Bostonia Taxi - 617-816-TAXI (9314)

  • JFK Taxi - 508-653-4500 - **Special Logan Airport Rate = $65.00**
  • Metro Cab in Allston 617-782-5500 accessible/wheelchair ready taxis
  • Red Cab - 617-734-5000
  • Sun Taxi - 800-SUN-TAXI
  • Tommy's Taxi - 508-872-3500
  • Veterans Taxi - 781-235-1600
  • Wellesley Transportation - 781-235-2200