Update to College Transportation Policy

The College is recommending the use of third party vendors for most requests for transportation for business purposes.


The College will no longer be providing drivers for field trips and other College related travel. We understand this may be a significant change for some departments. More specific information on the rationale for change is described below.


Guest Policy on Local Motion Buses and BOW Shuttle:

Students will be allowed to have guests on the Local Motion buses and the BOW Shuttle. Guests must follow the guest policy with uploaded vaccination documents. As with all who ride the buses, guests must be masked at all time.

PLEASE NOTE:  All guests must be accompanied by a currently enrolled Wellesley College student.

Transportation Options

Buses - School sponsored bus and van transport for Students and Faculty

Group/Field Trips – Options for student group and department transportation needs

Ground Transport – Driver based limo, taxi, and chartered travel for both personal and department needs

Public Transportation – Train, Bus, Subway: Find MBTA, Bus and Train options here

College Transportation Policy Update

Last Spring, a dedicated team embarked on a review of motor pool services to the College community. The team’s focus was to explore ways to provide for local/regional business travel that were more cost effective, better for the environment, and provided back-up in case of emergency. Our current dedicated driver model is very costly, in both dollars and greenhouse gasses, compared to externally provided services. The team examined internal utilization data, and gathered data from peer institutions to explore best practices. The team learned that the model of providing dedicated, on-staff, full time drivers was unique among similarly sized peers. The size of our fleet was significantly higher than peers. The dedicated driver model was very costly, in both dollars and greenhouse gas emissions, compared to externally provided services. Peers who depend on a network of external transportation providers have more robust response resources for vehicle emergency services.

Contact: Peter Eastment | Director of Faculty Housing & Transportation | 215 Schneider | | 781.283.3433