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Pan American Unity

Pan American Unity, by Diego Rivera (1940) in San Francisco, CA. Source:

Welcome to Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary program at Wellesley College. Over 20 faculty in 14 departments teach courses and conduct research on Latin America and its diaspora. With a faculty advisor, students can design a major or minor that draws upon courses from across the social sciences and the humanities. The major equips students with a breadth of knowledge about the region—including one of its major languages—and develops their abilities to evaluate Latin American topics from more than one disciplinary perspective.

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If you are exploring a major or minor, we encourage you to contact António Igrejas, the director of Latin American Studies. Please contact him at

The Latin American Studies Google Group is open to all students, whether you're a major, minor, or simply interested in Latin America. To join, click here.