Wellesley Shares the Love on February 14

February 14, 2013

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we invited friends on the Wellesley College Facebook and Twitter pages to share what they loved most about Wellesley.

Answers ranged from the general (“everything”) to the very specific (“afternoon tea and Lanz nightgowns worn backwards”), with a powerful emphasis on friendship, lifelong connections, and the realization of the strength and capabilities of all women.

The most-liked comments on Facebook included: 

“The Honor Code.”

 “Lifelong sisterhood.”

“I feel proud to be an alum.”


Here's a tag cloud of the comments:


While Wellesley social media was collecting those tid-bits from fans, a Wellesley student wrote to the online campus mail group to remind her fellow students that, whether or not they had a “significant other,” they were all significant and all loved in the larger embrace of their peers. Katie Joh ’14 wrote:

Wellesley siblings, 2.5 years into this place, I continue to wake up every morning and be astonished at how awesome you all are. I guarantee you, someone in your life sees that and they love you—maybe romantically, but not necessarily—and oh my goodness if you realize how HUGE a deal that is... well, there are no words. If, on Thursday morning, you get up and think, "Gahhh I'm so alone and so unloved,” please please believe me when I say that that is so far from the truth.

You can see her complete valentine to Wellesley students on Wellesley Wire.

For an academic take on Valentine customs, Phi Beta Kappa Society today presents Lewis Hyde, lecturing at 5 p.m. in Pendleton West 212. His topic: Gift Exchange and the Creative Spirit. Hyde is a poet, essayist, translator, and cultural critic with a particular interest in the public life of the imagination. He teaches during the fall semesters at Kenyon College, where he is the Richard L. Thomas Professor of Creative Writing.

Wellesley wishes everyone a happy day on February 14!