Alex Poon '14 Wins the Coveted Prize of a Toss in the Lake

May 5, 2014
President Bottomly and Alex Poon, with hoop around both their heads, take cell phone photo of selves

Congratulations to Alex Poon ’14, winner of Wellesley College’s 119th Annual Hooprolling competition over the weekend! Poon is from McLean, Va., and majors in computer science.

For more than 100 years, the senior class has gathered early one morning near the end of the academic year dressed in their Commencement gowns and class colors. At a signal, the seniors race down Tupelo Lane, pushing their hoops and vying for the honor of being thrown into Lake Waban. How the College defines success, which is promised to the winner, has changed throughout the decades. Originally the winner was said to be the first to marry, later the first to become a CEO, and now is said to be the first to achieve success however they define it.

There is a special history behind Poon’s win, mentioned in The Boston Herald and MetroWest Daily News. In addition to being the first transgender student to win, Poon is a “legacy” champion. His mother, Helen Poon ’82, won the hooprolling in her own senior year. The Poon family hoop has been passed down to each member who has attended the College, with each alum’s name inscribed on it. If the family member is victorious in their pursuit of the win, a star is added to their name.

Congrats on your star, Alex, and best wishes for all future endeavors!

Photo: Arthur Pollock, Boston Herald