For Just a Morning or for an Overnight, Wellesley Welcomes Students Considering a Wellesley Future

September 22, 2014
diverse group of students chatting in library by windows

Across the country high school seniors are preoccupied with what they’ll do next year. They’re busy writing essays, filling out forms, figuring out “scattergrams,” and planning visiting itineraries.

Challenging as all that is on them, there’s a spirit of possibility and wide-open options that is energizing. Wellesley’s admission staffers are frequently on the road these days, paying visits to college fairs and similar gatherings around the country. The College especially welcomes visitors to come to campus, because as well as we try to describe it, visiting does it best. Wellesley is “kind of mysterious,” the Admission description admits as it encourages visitors: “And we attract people who think for themselves and do a lot of research before they make gigantic, life-altering decisions.”

On a series of dates through the fall, beginning Saturday, September 27, Wellesley’s Board of Admission offers unique visiting experiences to anyone interested in the College, and on October 19-20 offers an overnight visit for high school seniors.

The morning programs, open to all visitors, feature campus tours, information sessions, and student panels. If you're crazy about science, the morning of September 27 is especially for you. Other programs are on Monday, October 13 (Columbus Day) and Saturday, November 15. Morning programs run 8:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The fall overnight program is just for seniors. It offers everything the morning programs do, plus class visits, cultural events, and the ineffable bonding experience that is a night in a Wellesley residence hall. Many students and alums recall their campus visit as a key point in college decision-making, with the Wellesley community’s energy, connectedness, and friendliness winning them over beyond a doubt.

Arlevea Freeman ’15, for example, says, “I chose Wellesley because of the women I met on and off campus who continue to inspire and awe me. When I came for Fall Open Campus, I was overjoyed about the conversations, lessons, and new friends I was able to have. That was only over one weekend! I knew Wellesley was a place I could truly call home.”

And alum Kellen Kartub ’14 recalls, “I visited Wellesley on a whim, to check it out and just get a feel for the atmosphere. But something about the campus really spoke to me, and I found myself hooked. It didn't take much; after a few seconds of walking around, I knew this place would be a good fit for me. There is this wonderful sense of drive, focus, and beauty on campus that is really inspiring.”

Visit the admission pages on the website to learn more about visiting opportunities—and about Wellesley in general. There’s also a Quick College Cost Estimator if you’re wondering if Wellesley is affordable (likely answer: yes), as well as tips on how to survive and even triumph in the application process—even the essay writing.