Wellesley Magazine Muses on Places and Words

July 24, 2014
flowers against black background

The summer issue of Wellesley magazine  has arrived, bringing with it prose and pictures evocative of favorite places, and the importance of both internal and external landscapes. The issue also explores words—poetry and names, specifically—in addition to providing news and photos from Wellesley’s vibrant spring season.

Beginning with the delicious colors of the flowers on the magazine’s cover, favorite places range from the restored swing installed in a Chapel oak tree in honor of Kathryn W. Davis ’28 to the spaces imagined by landscape designer and author Julie Moir Messervy ’73, profiled in the magazine. They include nonphysical spaces too, such as the musical “pop-up” soundscapes on campus earlier this year and the overarching supportive environment at Wellesley that President H. Kim Bottomly discusses in “From the President.”

Photos of Commencement and Reunion 2014 will recall Wellesley spaces to its alums. Features about the work of poet/professor Dan Chiasson and about a survey developed by Teal Pennebaker ’04 to understand decisions of Wellesley women to keep or change their names upon marrying round out the issue with their explorations of internal and social spaces.

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Detail from magazine cover image: Fran Pelzman Liscio/Punks and Roses