Calvin Chin leads Hung Kuen Kung Fu Team to Success in First World Competition

January 16, 2015

Wellesley physical education instructor Calvin Chin has been training in Hung Kuen Kung Fu for fifty years. This past summer, Chin was appointed to the position of Ambassador and Regional Officer for the Eastern part of the United States for the World Hung Kuen Association, and went on to lead a very successful delegation of students in the first ever World Hung Kuen Competition.

Chin is an American-born Chinese Hung Kuen artist, and has been teaching Kung Fu at Wellesley for fourteen years. Outside of his work at the College, the instructor operates his own martial arts academy in Newton, which supplied participants for the November 2014 World Competition. The Calvin Chin Martial Arts Academy won the most medals of any school in the competition, bringing home 8 gold, 6 silver and 11 bronze medals, along with five cups, two first place nods, one for second place and three for third. Said Chin of the experience, “There were 21 countries represented, so it was a very proud moment for all of us to bring it back to the USA. This brought attention and curiosity to many who were involved, that the most noted school was from America.”

The inaugural 2014 competition took place at the Royal Palace of the National Arts Studio in Xiqiao, Guangzhao, China. According to Chin, the choice of location was apropos. “The venue was outdoors at an amazing site [that had] just [been] refurbished as a movie set," he said. "The competition was held on a stage set up at The Royal Palace which reminds me or the Forbidden City in Beijing. Two rings were prepared side by side for the spectators to view. I was told that there were over 22,000 views over the two days.”

Whether teaching at Wellesley or leading delegations in China, Calvin Chin is a dedicated steward of Hung Kuen Kung Fu. His commitment to centuries of martial arts tradition places him in good company amongst equally-passionate Wellesley students, staff and faculty.