New Exterior Finish Mock-Ups Offer Preview of What New Building May Look Like

February 4, 2015
Pendleton model

While you're walking around campus this week, you may notice a new installation on the east side of Pendleton Hall. The Pendleton West Mock-Up Panels represent the proposed exterior finish for the renovation of Pendleton Hall and new Music Arts Pavilion addition, offering a preview for the Board of Trustees and the community of what the renovated buildings may look like. (Trustees will be on campus this week discussing this project and other topics.) Facilities teams worked over several days to install the panels, which will remain on display until February 9th. 

The changes to Pendleton West will include a new Center for Creative Arts and a brand-new Music Arts Pavilion. The renewed spaces will incorporate new studio spaces, new performance and rehearsal halls, offering new possibilities for students, faculty, and staff engaging with the arts. Learn more about what's coming to Pendleton West