Home Renovation Uncovers a Piece of Wellesley History

Home Renovation Uncovers a Piece of Wellesley History
Photo provided by Courtesy Ryan Martin
April 11, 2017

Many homeowners have been delighted (or mystified) to find hidden treasure on their property during renovations. Anecdotes relay discoveries of such unexpected finds as movie posters, rare comic books, business ledgers, war memorabilia, and money—some clearly left intentionally for future generations to uncover, most probably not—in attics, back yards, and inside walls.

Boston area contractor Ryan Martin uncovered a piece of Wellesley history in the walls of a home he is currently renovating in Charlestown. A wet and torn newspaper clipping, which Martin believes to have been used as insulation, was salvaged to reveal the following story excerpt:

The Wellesley College for Women, which is to be opened to students in the fall of 1875, is beautifully located in Wellesley, near Natick, about eighteen miles west of Boston. The buildings have been erected by the munificence of Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Durant, who it is said, have expended near a million of dollars [sic] in the establishment and organization of this regularly endowed college. Pupils will be received at very…

Alas, readers are left to speculate on how “pupils will be received,” as the story ended elsewhere in the paper.

Many thanks to Martin, who shared his find with Wellesley on Facebook.