A Wellesley Winter ‘Thank You’ Poem

snow removal truck
January 18, 2018

As another winter storm bears down on campus, the Wellesley community is grateful to the members of the snow removal team who work tirelessly to clear paths and roads through freezing temperatures and lengthy storms.“Here’s to the grounds crew,” a poem by Wellesley Police dispatcher Billy Burke, was written as a tribute to the hard work, early mornings and countless feet of snow shoveled by the grounds crew. Thank you to all those who keep us safe through another Wellesley winter!


So here is to the Grounds crew

Not many but few

Who keep the grounds clear

For me and for you


With gloves on their hands

And caps on their heads

They shovel and plow

While you're warm in your bed.


So don't block the roads

As they try to sand

They get the job done

As fast as they can


Be patient and caring

As the salt is applied

And smile and wave

As they pass you by


So here's to the grounds crew

The women and men

Who work while you're sleeping

God bless and amen


“Here's to the grounds crew”

-- Billy Burke

Jim Raleigh

Jim Ralli (pictured above) and other members of Wellesley's snow removal team work tirelessly to keep our campus safe.