Wellesley Welcomes the Yellow Class of 2023 to Campus

August 28, 2019

On August 27, a beautiful late-summer Tuesday, members of the yellow class of 2023 arrived on campus for new student move-in day. The line of cars wound through campus to Beebe, Pomeroy, Freeman, and other dorms, where family and Wellesley orientation staff helped students move into their new rooms. 

A mom and daughter decorate dorm room walls on move in day

Anna Boland ’23 and her mother, Sylvia Chang ’93, share a laugh while decorating Boland’s new room with some necessary items from her home in Baltimore. “An important soft pillow was crucial,” Boland said.

President Johnson speaks to a mother and daughter in a dorm room.

President Paula Johnson stopped by the dorms to meet first-year students and their parents. Above, she chats with Juliette Lange ’23, of Providence, R.I., about the prints and maps she’s affixed to her wall. One of Lange’s goals for the year: “I’m trying to focus on finding my footing in this new community,” she said.

a student shows off her earring collection

Emily Lu ’23, of Jersey City, N.J., shows off a pair of earrings she created, while her father helps her unpack. “My dad’s co-worker is a Wellesley alumna,” she said. “When she found out I was coming here, she was like, ‘Stop everything, I need to take you out to dinner to talk all about it!’”