Dai Chen

Senior Lecturer in Chinese

Interested in Chinese language pedagogy and second language acquisition.

My research interests encompass a range of topics in Chinese language pedagogy and second language acquisition, including CFL (Chinese as a Foreign Language) curriculum and course design, the relationship between vocabulary and language acquisition, effectiveness of integrating computer technology in Chinese language classroom, and objective Chinese language testing and evaluation.

I have taught all levels of language courses from elementary to advanced level, including Beginning Chinese, Advanced Beginning Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, and Advanced Conversational Chinese.

I enjoy reading, traveling, cooking, music and playing piano.


  • B.A., Shanghai Teachers' University
  • M.A., University of Iowa

Current and upcoming courses

  • This course is designed to further expand and refine students' language skills through intensive reading of authentic Chinese materials, such as novels, short stories, essays, and plays and through viewing of contemporary Chinese films. Particular attention will be paid to increasing levels of literary appreciation and to enriching understanding of the sociocultural contexts from which our readings have emerged.