Fiona Maurissette

Lecturer in the Writing Program


Black speculative fiction, Afrofuturism, Black feminism, representations of Haiti and the Haitian diaspora, and Black freedom practices

Fiona Maurissette is a Visiting Lecturer in the Writing Program. After graduating from Wellesley and completing the NYC Teaching Fellows Program, Fiona completed her doctorate in English Literature at Tufts University. Her research interests include Black speculative fiction, Afrofuturism, intersectional feminism, Haiti, Black diasporic freedom practices, and maroonage.

She enjoys movies, rollerskating, soccer with her toddler, and yoga.

Current and upcoming courses

  • The Black woman writer's efforts to shape images of herself as Black, as women, and as an artist. The problem of literary authority for the Black woman writer, criteria for a Black woman's literary tradition, and the relation of Black feminism or "womanism" to the articulation of a distinctively Black and female literary aesthetic. (AFR 212 and ENG 279 are cross-listed courses.)