Ginny Quinan

Senior Instructor in Neuroscience Laboratory

Instructs laboratories at the 100 and 200 levels and shares an enthusiasm for hands-on learning in neuroscience.

I joined the Neuroscience team in 2007, first as a Laboratory Specialist and now as an Instructor of Neuroscience Laboratory. Under the mentorship of Senior Instructor Carol Ann Paul, I developed and implemented new and innovative teaching laboratories currently being taught at the 100 and 200 levels. As I transition to lab instruction, I am particularly excited to work more closely with students and to share my enthusiasm for neuroscience through hands-on learning.

My teaching interests include learning about and understanding the mammalian brain through dissection of the sheep brain and utilizing mutant mouse models as a way to elucidate the relationship between structure and function. Additionally, I am interested in using the crayfish as a model to explore the electrophysiological properties of the action potential and to understand the neurochemical communication between nerve and muscle.

In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga, traveling, skiing, scuba diving, and spending time with my husband, Joe, and three children, Christine, Brian, and Elizabeth.


  • B.A., Regis College
  • M.A., Harvard University Extension School