Shadow Grading Policy

Wellesley has adopted a Shadow Grading Policy for Firstyear students

Wellesley has instituted a shadow-grading policy for first years beginning with students entering in the Fall of 2014. These students will receive pass/no pass grades in all of their courses for the first semester of their first year. The students themselves will be given a report of the letter grades that they would have received - "shadow grades" - but these will not appear on their official transcripts and will not be released outside the College. This policy provides first-year students with the opportunity to learn about the standards for academic achievement at Wellesley and to assess the quality of their work in relation to these standards. It further enables them to use their first semester to refocus attention from grades to intellectual engagement and inspiration and to learn how to grow as a learner in college.

Read the full shadow grading policy and frequently asked questions.