Alumnae Benefits

There are a number of life-long benefits to alumnae including:

  • membership* to the Library
  • membership* to College Club
  • membership* to the Athletic Center
  • membership* to the Davis Museum
  • membership* to the Greenhouses
  • career services, including one-on-one counciling (in person or by phone), at the Center for Work and Service
  • course auditing
  • archives access
  • online training with Element K (contact the CWS)
  • short term medical plan: The Alumnae Association has contracted with Fortis Insurance Company to provide a short term medical insurance plan to all alumnae. Available in many (but not all) states, TempoCare provides protection for 30 to 185 days. It’s easy to enroll, and TempoCare offers coverage similar to that of most group policies. Premiums can be paid by check, MasterCard, or VISA. A foreign travel insurance plan is also available. If you wish to obtain current information on availability or have other questions about either plan, please call Susan Grimaldi, short term medical specialist for Fortis Insurance Company, at 413.525.8755 or 800.820.8463.

*Memberships have various fees and regulations.  Please contact the center directly to obtain current policies and/or fees.


Wellesley College Alumnae Association
Green Hall Room 246
Tel: 781.283.2331

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