Cornhole at the Wellness Fair

Learn to Canoe & Kayak Thursdays, September 17th & 24th from 2 - 3pm  Drop by the Boathouse and enjoy!
Full Moon Paddle          Monday, September 28th     10pm     Registration Closed!
                                       Rain/Cloud date Tuesday, Septeber 29th
Outdoor Triathlon Relay Sunday, October 4th       10am    Registration Closed!
Sunset Yoga at the Boathouse Thursdays, October 8th & 22nd 5:15 - 6pm  Happily Full!!
Spin Coast to Coast Wednesday, October 14th - Friday, December 4th  Register HERE
Dorm/Class Crew Regatta  Sunday, October 24th    4pm
November Fitness Incentive - Print Your Sheet Today!
SCUBA with Santa & support charity groups 'Young Women In Sport' and 'Toys for Tots' Register HERE
Check out some of the awesome fun we have had so far in 2015:
Wellness Fair Pictures
Lake Day Pictures

Here are some of our favorite memories:

Dorm Crew Halloween Ragatta, Waban Lake Pictures
"Tri" Your Best Pictures
"Tri" Your Best Video
Goodbye Tri Video


Bobbi Gibb and Wellesley Women
Spring Day Earth Art
"Tri" Your Best